Shake Things Up With Hot Mondy’s “Vampire”

Hot Mondy’s new timeless classic is out – “Vampire” is an absolutely stunning depiction of the mystical creature combined with the mysteriousness women can possess. The music is a lovely cocktail of rock and country with an original twist the members add to it. “Vampire” most certainly has impressive delicious vocals in the forefront that melt slowly into western-like spicy guitar chords everyone loves so much. 

The music video for “Vampire” was directed by Brad Tobler of Imagine That Films with whom the band collaborated for their previous magnificent single “Desert Moonlight”. Marnee McClellan starred as the beautiful vampire in the clip while Tyler Phillips played the dead man. The video does a great job of luring the audience in with a promise of an intriguing romance and then delivers a deadly blow we are happy to receive when the vampire is revealed and happily eats a human heart with the most innocent face of all.  

From Halifax, Canada, the band is composed of five members — Matt Rhind, Travis Flint, Matt Brannon, Troy Arseneault, and Mat Budreski who, after coming together, quickly realized they shared a huge passion for creating a similar type of music. Their synergy and enthusiasm to share their art with the rest of the world is obvious in all of their songs so far. “Desert Moonlight” and “Pale Ember” have been very popular with thousands of streams and views on YouTube. Hot Mondy knows how to spruce up ordinary country music to conquer people’s love. 

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