Sam Gendel Made A Whole Album With His Girlfriend’s 11-Year-Old SisterSam Gendel Made A Whole Album With His Girlfriend’s 11-Year-Old Sister

Sam Gendel, the eclectically minded Los Angeles jazz saxophonist and producer, just announced a sprawling new album called SUPERSTORE, but that’s not stopping him from releasing an entirely different album today. The latter project is called LIVE A LITTLE, and Gendel created it mostly in one sitting with Antonia Cytrynowicz, the 11-year-old sister of Gendel’s significant other and creative partner Marcella. If that makes the album a lark, it’s a rewarding lark.

Young Antonia handles the vocals on LIVE A LITTLE; according to the album description on Bandcamp, “she spontaneously crafted all the melodies and lyrics on the spot as Gendel played alongside her.” The results are entrancing. Cytrynowicz sings with charming indie-pop imperfection but also real presence and a natural gift for melody. Gendel’s woozy, shadowy backing tracks strike a similar balance between a roughhewn DIY ethos and unmissable mesmerizing talent. It’s all much, much better than I expected it to be when I heard the premise.

The album is streaming in full below; why not live a little?

LIVE A LITTLE is out now.