Rainald Goetz's 1998 novel, Rave, gets first English translation

Rave, the 1998 book by German author Rainald Goetz, has been translated into English for the first time.

Fitzcarraldo Editions, the London-based publisher handling the new edition, calls Rave “a fragmentary novel that attempts to capture the feel of debauchery from within.” Focussing on the German techno scene, it’s the first in a five-part series on ’90s pop culture called This Morning.

The translation, out July 2020, is by Adrian Nathan West, who also translated Goetz’s first novel, Insane, for Fitzcarraldo in 2017.

Fitzcarraldo has published music books before, including last year’s It Gets Me Home, This Curving Track by legendary critic Ian Penman.