Old Man Of The Woods – “Votives”Old Man Of The Woods – “Votives”

Old Man Of The Woods is the Richmond, VA-based lo-fi project of Miranda Elliot. Today she has released a new single, “Votives,” from her forthcoming debut album of the same title arriving this fall. The goal of Elliot’s music is to embody “the alchemy of shit into sustenance,” and the song is a pleasant, dreamy synth-pop journey with delicate harmonies that feel like they’re striking the listener from all angles.

Read Elliot’s statement about the song:

I wrote “Votives” after seeing friends that had coincidentally ordered love candles from the same witchy shop. I imagined lighting one and watching my last relationship reignite. I’d regret ending it for too long, but envisioning it play out again, I realized I’d end it again. There was so much relief in that realization. I held that flame in my mind and blew it out. That night, I dreamt that peoples’ minds were little churches filled with votives burning for everyone they’d ever loved. That image really stuck with me and played a large role in bringing the rest of the album together.

I see “Votives” as an appeal to revisit the way we tend our personal mythology. It’s a reminder to take stock of which candles we keep lit, and to extinguish those that no longer serve us.

Listen to “Votives” and check out the album tracklist below.

01 “Garden”
02 “Let Me Miss You”
03 “Votives”
04 “Running”
05 “Hissing”
06 “River”
07 “Some Days”
08 “White Wall”
09 “Sharks”
10 “Enough
11 “In the End”
12 “Better”

Votives is out 10/15 via Totally Real Records. Pre-order it here.