MIDIchlorian.dll – FuNk Radio

MIDIchlorian.dll – FuNk Radio

73%Overall Score

• Funk and Dubstep going hand in hand
• Jazzy starts, wobbling drops
• A near-perfect balance between genres

This one is a standout discovery that was sitting in-between many other submissions, and sort of tune that we usually aren’t used to reviewing… And that’s why I am having plenty of fun with MIDIchlorian.dll’s style! The Tennessee-based producer has dabbled with Dubstep and Bass House creations during the past year, with several unique releases such as “My Jam” or a “Bad Guy” remix. With a logo and name that would fit “The Mandalorian”, I was positively intrigued just by reading the title.

“FuNk Radio” combines, well, Funk and Dubstep. It begins on a certain famous tavern soundtrack, the kind of jazzy old-school jingle one would hear upon entering an antic saloon. I was nearly going to press pause, questioning as to why it was even labeled as “EDM’, but then slowly, the Dubstep kicks and percussions materialized and blended in… MIDIchlorian.dll didn’t hesitate to put the time and efforts into his latest invention, but he achieved a spectacular and extremely delicate balance with a long, really long build-up enactment.

There’s a real drop, although rather the funky loop infused with a Dubstep bassline. Don’t expect a dominance of the growls, I would say that it’s a 50/50 between the two genres. Being volatile by nature, this is an impressive achievement! A couple of solo segments augment “FuNk Radio”, and the work on the vocal shots is admirable. Then there’s the breakdown, which becomes, to some levels, relaxing and soothing.

That was a rollercoaster!

Honestly, I can’t sketch such a well-designed and unique EDM track by mere words, so please do check it out. I also find it difficult to specify a target audience for this amalgam of musical styles, as it’s not a typical Dubstep track and neither something one could easily play in a background setting. “Funk Radio” is a new, entertaining idea that provides fun and doesn’t want anything in return. Well done, MIDIchlorian.dll.

You can listen to “Funk Radio” here: