Look at how Tim Hox and Mike Williams synergize! “The Blonde One” is the best of two worlds.

Look at how Tim Hox and Mike Williams synergize! “The Blonde One” is the best of two worlds.

78%Overall Score

• BOOM vibes in the vocal loop
• Lots of details towards the end
• Great showcase from Tim Hox

Greatly satisfying, “The Blonde One” is a Bass House release on Spinnin’ Records that might not garner the same magnitude of success equal to past hits from Mike Williams (being a wunderkind of the Dutch label) thanks to its underground nature, but it will leave an impact on his discography. First of all, this is a new step taken by the Future Bounce pioneer, which I personally prefer as the said genre has become predictable lately. Tim Hox, having kickstarted his Bass House on Revealed, is rapidly evolving (at a convincing rate), bringing his flair to a wider audience. There is plenty from both in “The Blonde One”.

Let me start off by saying that I find Tim Hox’s patterns mildly repetitive. The secret to not letting me fall asleep (joking!) is to find the right balance between dynamism and hypnotic notes. The track gets that technique almost immediately, as the vocals offer a catchy flow in the first seconds, start with a spoken section, and progress into a drop that reminds me of “BOOM” by Tiesto & Sevenn with a way fresher bassline. There is something magnetic with this groove while still being extremely simplistic, which is an amazing feature. That’s what professional producers can bring to the table, I guess.

The breakdown has a delicate touch, probably Mike William’s adding his imprint to the “The Blonde One”, almost heading towards Techno. I liked that part, lush and more vividly fulfilling than before, getting ready for the finale. There are more additions, especially some growls and stabs in the background making the experience sufficiently enjoyable. The final seconds of this record are explosive, deployed with all the weapons from both talents as that “BOOM” like vocal loop drilled my ears with piercing bass.

“The Blonde One” is a smacking club banger that represents a shift for the “Sweet & Sour” creator and a milestone for Tim, and I must admit, one of the best recent Spinnin’ releases for this month. This is coming from a person who is easily tired of Hox House and its variation, but this is something else. Don’t skip this (rare) occasion.

You can listen to “The Blonde One” here: