Alex Lahey – “Ego Is Not A Dirty Word” (Skyhooks Cover)

The Australian label Mushroom Records is marking its 50th anniversary this year with a bunch of covers and some live shows. The latest contribution to the celebration comes from Alex Lahey, who covered “Ego Is Not A Dirty Word,” the title track from the Aussie band Skyhooks’ 1975 sophomore album. “This song has so much energy and passion,” Lahey told Rolling Stone Australia. “I don’t think I could ever conceive a song like this with all its unpredictable twists and turns.”

“Because the original recording is almost 50-years-old, I wanted to take a modern approach to the recording,” Lahey continued. “I looked to capture the same raucousness of the original performance in a more high-fidelity format. It was important to me to retain the complexities and character of the original record, but with a 21st century clarity and shine.”

Listen below.