Listen to The Natvral’s “Pink Wine” from ‘So Many Things at Once’ benefit comp

So Many Things at Once is a a new compilation cassette to help raise funds for Justice for Democrats that’s out April 5 via 6612. (Preorder it.) The tape was curated by Hilarie Sidney and Per Ole Bratset of the High Water Marks and of 6612 Tapes, and it features songs from Mikal Cronin, Dressy Bessy, The Ladybug Transistor, Rose Melberg, The Natvral, Great Lakes and more.

We’ve got the premiere of The Natvral‘s contribution, “Pink Wine.” Kip Berman tell us: “As you get on in years, you have a bit less patience for the fanciful, and a desire to say just what things are. I suppose this song has something to do with that feeling. The singer is momentarily seduced by some remembrance of an old romance, even as its present reality feels like a ruin. But by the time the tune is done, he’s sick of all that. Could be he drank too much pink wine? Or maybe, it’s time to make some new memories. There may be something to be said about nostalgia being like rosé colored glasses — you can get lost in some idealized yesterday, and not see the good that’s right there in front of you.”

Listen to “Pink Wine,” along with The High Water Marks’ “YFF,” below.

So Many Things At Once:
1. Sheep – Rose Melberg
2. Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water – The Late BP Helium
3. An Harangue – Honey Radar ft. Dan Melchior
4. Light Anew – Mikal Cronin
5. Pink Wine – The Natvral
6. Bury The Hatchet (alternate version) – Great Lakes
7. A Street Called Finland (BusCrates x Baron Remix) – The Garment District
8. YFF – The High Water Marks
9. Hear Me Out! – Dressy Bessy
10. Ketamine Daydream – Tape Olympics
11. Oceans In The Hall (Live in Cincinnati) – The Ladybug Transistor
12. Willow Wisp – Fuckleberry Hinn
13. The Princess Turns The Key To Cubist Castle (Curtain Call Part 1) – Elf Power
14. Cassie Peek – Giant Day
15. You Little Star – Spectral Roommates