Live Nation to Continue On the Road Again Artist Support Program Through 2024

After launching in 2023, Live Nation’s “On the Road Again” program is set to continue throughout 2024.

The initiative, launched with Willie Nelson and named after one of his most iconic songs, began with the elimination of merchandise fees at all Live Nation venues, a move that allows artists to keep 100% of the profits of on-site sales. What’s more, each headliner and supporting act receives $1,500 in gas and travel cash for each Live Nation venue appearance. Since launching, “On the Road Again” has supported over 4,000 artists.

The details of the program were informed by feedback from touring artists, especially emerging acts that depend on touring for income, and the specific challenges they face. The Live Nation team behind the program also incorporated the perspectives of those working around artists and venue operators in an effort to support life on tour from all angles.

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In September, shortly after announcing and launching the initiative, Live Nation was hit with a lawsuit from NIVA (National Independent Venue Association), which described “On the Road Again” as “a calculated attempt” to steer artists away from smaller independent venues in favor of the venues Live Nation operates.


“On the Road Again” launched just weeks after Jeff Rosenstock broke down the merch cuts being taken by the venues on his 2023 tour, many of which were 20%.

At the moment, there is no set end date for “On the Road Again.”