Flock Of Dimes – “Through Me”Flock Of Dimes – “Through Me”

The always well-curated Adult Swim Singles series continues today with a new one from Flock Of Dimes. Between this project, her output with Wye Oak, and her work with Bon Iver, Jenn Wasner has been prolific in recent years, so it’s amazing she still has hot tracks like “Through Me” sitting around. But she does, and today we get to hear it.

The song is spacious and deconstructed, with fried guitar in the foreground and Wasner’s voice backed by a lush choir of voices. Wasner says the song “is about losing sight of yourself in an attempt to find someone else, twisting your perception of reality until you’re not sure how to find your way back to what is real.” It’s one of my favorite Wasner tracks of the pandemic era, which is really saying something. Listen below.