Faye – “No Vibes”Faye – “No Vibes”

The Charlotte, NC band Faye released their promising self-titled debut EP back in 2016, and have taken their time following it up. The trio — made up of Sarah Blumenthal, Susan Plante, and Thomas Berkau, who joined as a drummer in 2018 — are finally ready to release their debut album, You’re Better, which will be out in August. Today, they’re unveiling its lead single, the lurching and melodic “No Vibes.”

“‘No Vibes’ was written on an actual sunny Sunday afternoon spent questioning every decision ever made and every decision waiting to be made,” the band explained in a statement, continuing:

It’s about feeling stuck and apathetic, putting too much weight on other people’s opinions and figuring out how to trust yourself. This song fell completely into my lap out of thin air, and when Susan added guitar on the track it just came together seamlessly. The forward drive of the bass with the meandering in and out of the guitar is a perfect sonic parallel to the feeling of trying to get somewhere but not really knowing where or why – going full speed ahead and trying to figure it out on the fly.

Check it out below.

01 “No Vibes”
02 “Teeth”
03 “Confetti”
04 “Dream Punches”
05 “Swing State”
06 “Settle Down”
07 “Wise Words”
08 “Nag D”
09 “Open Water”
10 “In The Dark”
11 “Mortal Kombat”

You’re Better is out 8/12 via Self Aware Records. Pre-order it here.