Explore The World Of XL Syndicate With “Long Way”

XL Syndicate are out with an extraordinary single titled “Long Way”, a song that feels as raw and real as it is ethereal. Adorned with the angelic vocals of an artist whose name has not yet been revealed, XL Syndicate’s newest song will have you knee-deep in thought of what’s right and wrong and whether taking the short or long route to one’s dreams and goals will inevitably lead to disappointment and regret. 

“We just go with a vibe…don’t really focus on trying to be different,” the duo of artists shared. “No two works of art will ever be the same. It’s when you try to be different that you end up sounding generic. Or even sounding like you are trying too hard.” The pair indeed strive to create a sound that is unique and hard to pin down, and with a multinational fan base, XL Syndicate certainly manages to execute this goal.