DVBBS, Jeremih, SK8 – Crew Thang

DVBBS, Jeremih, SK8 – Crew Thang

70%Overall Score

• R&B influences with Future House
• Bouncy, simple bassline in the drop
• Laidback vibe and a couple of trap details

With summer upon us, that period of the year has started where all the producers come up with commercial (and often cheesy) things. Those piss me off, as I was uneasy to press play on “Crew Thang” from DVBBS. And how was it in the end? Not so bad.

The Canadian duo, after a couple of interesting hits in the hip-hop world (most notably “SH SH SH”, featuring a surprising Wiz Khalifa, literally punched me in the eye with “Synergy” with our dear Timmy (who still hasn’t addressed his ghost producer situation). The irony of this trio…

Anyway, it would be a futile waste of time with these guys (might I remind you that they settled for 350.000 $ sexual assault allegations when several girls were found unconscious in their dressing room). Let me introduce two names that are actually worth mentioning here: SK8 and Jeremih.

Jeremih has been around for more than a decade with impressive numbers on his resume (remember “Birthday Sex“?), while SK8 isn’t a small-timer either with a previous collab with DVBBS and Wiz Khalifa. Their talented performance was much appealing when listening to this song. I heard SK8’s laidback approach in the atmosphere, summery and cheerful, and with that fresh R&B vibe imparted by Jeremih. A great mix of influences and the Future House bassline introduces a liveliness I wasn’t expecting from a commercial tune.

So, we have nice vocals, bouncy basslines, nothing too experimental but effective at its delivery. With this formula, the artists managed to release a summer tune that provided me with a couple of fun minutes!

You can listen to “Crew Thang” here:

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