Doll Spirit Vessel – “What Stays”Doll Spirit Vessel – “What Stays”

The Philadelphia band Doll Spirit Vessel are releasing their debut album, What Stays, in a couple weeks. We highlighted “Something Small” from it earlier this month, and today they’re back with the album’s title track. It’s a pretty, slippery rock song that locks into focus as Kati Malison sings about lacking form. “I’m thinking shapeless thoughts about intimacy/ About endless need/ About moments/ Moments of peace.” Here’s how Malison framed the track:

You wake up on a Tuesday and can’t recall waking up last Tuesday, or even yesterday. You can barely bring into focus the wisps of a dream you just woke up from. We all lose the present moment as it instantly, eternally, and ceaselessly vanishes. We all forget, and we all remember things differently than they actually were. Worst of all, however warped our own memories, we are infinitely less able to inhabit the experiences of others, past and present. ‘What Stays’ was one of the last songs I wrote for this album— it grieves the loss of both my own life as it passes, and the lives of the people I love, which I can never come close enough to knowing.

Watch a video for it below.

What Stays is out 8/12 via Disposable America. Pre-order it here.