Discover Eflorem’s New Single “Get It” Featuring CJ Silva

EDM act Eflorem is on top of their game with yet another powerful single “Get It” in collaboration with CJ Silva. The single features the most exciting synths and energizing melody we’ve seen, not to mention the stunning rap performance we get throughout the song. Eflorem also presented a music video for “Get It” which is a fascinating mini-story that supports the overall piece. Structured like a movie, the clip shows a kidnapping and stranger things happening, but the viewer happily accepts it all! With thousands of views already, “Get It” is definitely a powerful EDM banger.

Heather Worden and Dewey McManus are the couple artists behind Eflorem. They have been developing their sound since college years. Today, they are a highly regarded EDM duo that flies within its very own lane, turning the music scene upside down with unique pieces like “Breathe”, “Money”, “Fire”, and “With You”, their latest drop which is the most love-affirming EDM track! 

“The Eflorem sound,” as the artists themselves describe it, “is a combination of speed house, dubstep, trap, and hyperpop (just to name a few.) We love the high speed four on the floor that speed house is known for, but we have always loved dubstep sound design.” With elements of pop and more, Eflorem’s music always sounds distinct and full of personality. Check out the awesome music video for “Get It” below!

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