Dean the Dream’s Latest Album Hitchin’ It To Heaven Embraces Queerness

Psychedelic and Funk Rock musician Dean the Dream brings an ultra-modern perspective to the genre. With his transparency and authentic approach to creating music, Brendan Alpiner finds a way to address exhausted topics without losing his artistic identity and essence.

Dean the Dream isn’t afraid to show who he is and avoids taking shortcuts, especially when it comes to talking about his sexuality. The Detroit-born poet wants his listeners to follow his example and not be ashamed of their individuality and selfhood, “I’ve always wanted my music to be for outsiders, especially those within the gay or queer community. If you look at music history, we have these artists who’ve flirted with their fluid sexualities and hinted at their otherness, but I want to be someone who fully accepts and embraces their gay sexuality, contradictions and all.”

Alpiner’s recent LP Hitchin’ It To Heaven, which includes the lead single “Goodbye, Danny,” is a 7-track record that experiments with ‘70s psychedelic music, merging Blues, Grunge, and Old School Rock & Roll. With songs like “Changes,” “It Hurts Me,” “Kiss Me Kill Me,” and “Dying Staying Alive,” Dean the Dream wears his heart on his sleeves, unraveling his poetic vulnerability.

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