Boris – “Last Christmas” (Wham! Cover)Boris – “Last Christmas” (Wham! Cover)

Boris are releasing W, a full-length continuation of their 2020 album NO, next month. But before that happens, they’ve returned with the two-track holiday single Noël, which features a cover of Wham!’s oft-covered 1984 classic “Last Christmas” and a rework of Boris’ own New Album cut “Pardon?” by UK singer-songwriter Lauren Auder and French producer Dviance.

Boris’ shoegazey rendition of “Last Christmas,” is heavy and achingly pretty beneath the mountain of guitar noise. “This is a Christmas present for everyone who lives with the various restrictions stemming from COVID-19,” Boris say. “Here in Japan, it is customary to give gifts at Christmas. We hope this Christmas will be the ‘Last Christmas’ of COVID-19.” Listen below.