Bitchin Bajas – “Amorpha”Bitchin Bajas – “Amorpha”

Longstanding Chicago experimentalists Bitchin Bajas will return very soon with a new EP called Bajascillators. Out less than two weeks from now, the project brings together four lengthy instrumentals designed to play off each other as “phases in perfect flow… wave after wave of
analogue synth tones and zones extending into a stratospheric arc.” That description fits with opening track “Amorpha,” a nearly 10-minute journey into a kind of frenetic calm, built on a spine of melodic percussion. Director Kyle Armstrong set the song to NASA launch footage, which you can check out below.

01 “Amorpha”
02 “Geomancy”
03 “World B. Free”
04 “Quakenbrück”

Bajascillators is out 9/2 on Drag City.