Alan Walker & Zak Abel – Endless Summer

Alan Walker & Zak Abel – Endless Summer

68%Overall Score

• Too perfect to be true
• That’s a chorus to sing along!
• Avicii/Calvin Harris drop vibe

“Endless Summer” is a great song: I would say there’s a 50% chance of becoming a dance music hit for 2023 (similar to “I’m Good” by Guetta the previous year). It includes everything from catchy vocals, Avicii-like guitar, a singalong chorus and even a “clap” segment in the central breakdown. Seriously, I might even consider singing along if this played in clubs and parties!

Still, I know how things transpire at the higher-up levels, and “Endless Summer” sounds too good to be true to make me fall in love as a critic. That kind of Barbie-plastic perfect impression raises eyebrows. And personally, Alan Walker struck me as odd since six years ago when he seemed ignorant about his craft. But that’s for another day, let’s focus on the music.

Zak Abel has already scored a couple of notable hits with Kygo and Don Diablo, and I must say his voice fits like a glove in a commercial EDM context. He has that warm touch that screams summer hit in the chorus. I had a Simple Plan/Maroon 5 type first impression, further enriched by the genial laidback setup by the producer.

What I like here is the drop, featuring a Progressive layout à la Avicii/Calvin Harris, still vaguely attached to the “Faded” producer with the familiar lead, polished ad nauseam and playing in the background with the bouncy bass.

Overall, you can be sure that “Endless Summer” will be on a loop this summer. While it sounds too good to be charming, this one will rack millions and light up some nights.

You can listen to “Endless Summer” here: