4URA introduces his heavier dance side with “AKTIV”; a Bass House banger featuring the exceptional VinDon.

4URA introduces his heavier dance side with “AKTIV”; a Bass House banger featuring the exceptional VinDon.

85%Overall Score

• Insanely catchy and memorable bassline
• Exciting wordplay in the rapping
• Unexpected trap-drill switch-up

Releasing imprints such as Magic Records and Tribal Trap, South Korean producer 4URA has established his aptitude for creating anthemic and melodic Trap productions. This time, although, 4URA has taken a different route with his sound; his infectiously addictive Bass House/Bassline track “AKTIV” came out the previous week on the popular NoCopyrightSounds (NCS). Featuring the Jamaican lyricist and rapper VinDon, AKTIV takes on a dazzlingly fun and unforgettable ride.

Starting off with the classic four-on-the-floor drum pattern combined with thick hi-hats, it wastes no time in bringing up the build-up. It’s a marvelous performance that amps up the excitement for the drop, massive kudos to 4URA on this! Once the drop strikes, there’s an incredibly punchy and irresistible bassline packed with aforesaid compact, impactful drums. The bassline creates an intensely danceable and dynamic melody- one that will make heads bob along- as the track flows on with the impeccable groove.

Another interesting thing to note is that VinDon’s vocals are minimal at first, until the drop hits. “AKTIV” displays a clever aspect; that which increases its appeal to a great extent: it features the main rap hook and punchlines during the drop itself, instead of other sections. As the drop kickstart, so does VinDon’s fabulous and skillful rap verses, complete with his proclivity towards Jamaican Patois- increasing the listening enjoyment more than tenfold! This makes me inclined to replay the song repeatedly, as the title uttered in the rap deeply echoes throughout the track (and the mind thereafter).

Then an unexpected switch into Trap occurs during the midsection, carried through with ever-so classic 808 basses; the eclectic hip-hop influences of VinDon are at their peak in this section, made possible with the expertise of 4URA. He demonstrates his fluidity in music making as he effortlessly alters between club-ready Bass House and conventional Trap. This electrifying midsection amplifies the energy even further, another great addition to the overall vibe!

Preparation takes place for the listener as the final drop approaches with another lively buildup and a thrilling encore from the magnetic drop. Similar to the intro, the track goes out with a bang, leaving a craving for more.

“AKTIV” melds the bassline with its relentless lyricism and movement-engaging bass house that is perfect for clubs and DJ sets. All in all, top-notch job from 4URA and VinDon!

You can listen to “AKTIV” here: