Watch Ghetts, Kojey Radical, and more in Nines' new film 'Crop Circle 2'

UK rapper Nines has released his new film ‘Crop Circle 2’, featuring cameos from Ghetts, Kojey Radical, Delilah Rose, and more – watch it below.

The 35-minute film, released straight to YouTube yesterday to celebrate 4/20, shows off some new tracks including the previously unreleased ‘Flavours’. The film follows his 2018 album ‘Crop Circle’, also accompanied by a short film.

Directed by Nines and Charlie Di Placido, the sequel sees Nines playing a drug dealer. Although the film includes drug deals and kidnappings, ‘Crop Circle 2’ includes a lot of humour, with cameos from comedians Yoms and Uncle Ed, in addition to Ghetts, Kojey Radical, Zeze Mills, Lippy and more.

Last month (April 3), Che Lingo teamed up with Ghetts for his new single ‘Black Ones’.

The song will feature on Che’s upcoming debut album ‘The Worst Generation’, which is set for release in the autumn on Idris Elba‘s label 7Wallace.

“’Black Ones’ is a day to day, cautionary tale of the hood for those who don’t want to be a part of it anymore having seen the destructive sides and want out now that they’re older and more wise,” Che explained about the track.

“The aim is always to get out of the hood by any means necessary because it can be such a hostile environment,” Che continued. “This is me explaining what I see and what obstacles growing up without much means can do to your life if it gets hard enough. Regardless of your colour or background.”