Howling to release second album, Colure

Howling, the duo comprising RY X and Frank Wiedemann, are releasing their next album on Counter Records.

Out on July 24th, Colure contains ten tracks merging electronic and acoustic instrumentation. The first single, “Bind” is out now, continuing the project’s thread of vocals-led electronic pop. This is their first collaborative LP since 2015’s Sacred Ground.

Frank Wiedemann is best known as one half of the production duo, Amê. Singer-songwriter Ry X, real name Ry Cuming, is a member of The Acid.

Listen to “Bind.”

01. Ellipses I

02. Pieces

03. Bind

04. Healing

05. Dew

06. Need You Now

07. The Water

08. Light On

09. Phases

10. Mother Mother

11. Body Inside

12. Lover

13. Ellipses II

Counter Records will release Colure on July 24th, 2020