The xx's Romy Madley Croft announces "fun" new solo album

The xx’s Romy Madley Croft has announced her debut solo album, telling fans it will be inspired by “club classics”.

The singer and guitarist shared the news during an Instagram Live session earlier today (April 19), which she had teased would feature new songs and an announcement.

After playing a solo version of ‘Angels’, Madley Croft gave fans an update on The xx. “We are making new music, we’re very much a band and we still love each other very much,” she said. “Oliver and Jamie are my best friends and always will be. I wanted to thank you cos I know that we are a bit slow at putting out music, I know we take our time so thank you for your patience cos I know it’s a bit annoying.”

She went on to share that she would have her own solo album coming out “soon”. “We are going to be releasing new music but, in the meantime, the exciting – for me – bit of news I wanted to share with you is for the past couple years I’ve been writing a lot of songs for other people, writing a lot of songs for myself,” she explained.

“I ended up with all these songs so I’m going to release a solo album under my name. It’s just going to be under Romy. I’m hopefully going to be releasing it soon. I have loads of songs and I feel excited to try something new.”

Speaking about the sound of the album, the musician explained: “I’m excited to make it a lot more upbeat. It’s going to be fun.” After sharing a new song called ‘Weightless’, she added: “I guess one of the main inspirations and things that I love is club classics – Ibiza house, trance music, stuff that you can really dance to but also sing along to. What I realised was a lot of those club classics are big songs as well as just being fun to dance to.”

Details of the album are yet to be confirmed but, in the meantime, watch Madley Croft perform ‘Weightless’ on Instagram Live above.

Meanwhile, Madley Croft’s bandmate Jamie xx released his first new song in five years earlier this week (April 15). ‘Idontknow’ follows the producer and musician’s debut solo album ‘In Colour’, which was released in 2015.