Founding Member of Foreign Beggars Dies from Accident At Home

Music lost another great this weekend, as Foreign Beggars member Ebow Enyan “Metropolis” Graham has sadly passed away.

The founding member and legendary MC was best known for his work with the group from 2002 on. Over the years, Foreign Beggars’ unique blend of genres — hip hop, grime and dubstep — has made a lasting impact on the music scene, and there’s no doubt his legacy will live on.

A crowdfunding initiative has started up in support of his family and particularly his son, Cassius. Donate here.

According to the GoFundMe page, Graham “suffered from an accident at home and passed away in the early hours yesterday morning.”

The page continues: “In his recent years, he had been on a spiritual journey and had really been exploring his relationship with existence and the universe, only last week he was in a very serene and happy place with his life, family and artistic vision. Some of the last words we heard him say were ‘The only way humanity will heal is when it understands that we are all Gaia and truly understand we are all one.’”