Robert Plant makes "generous" donation towards frontline medical supplies | NME

Robert Plant has made a “generous” donation to a small clothing manufacturer’s Gofundme page, which will help make scrubs for local hospitals amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

In the past month, M.G. Sportswear, a manufacturer in Plant’s hometown of Kidderminster, were approached by local hospital staff, who the company claimed were willing to pay the brand to make scrubs for them.

“We thought it was outrageous that these front line workers should have to give financially as well as risking their lives every day to protect and preserve us all against Coronavirus,” Kim Calder, M.G. Sportswear’s Gofundme organiser said in a statement.

Enter Robert Plant.

“We’re all in our own vacuums within our own homes feeling relatively safe,” Plant told local paper The Shuttle.

“I’m pleased to be able to support the work that these good people are doing for our frontline nurses, doctors, carers, in providing much-needed scrubs and masks.”

Kim Calder praised Plant for his contribution.

“We have just received a generous donation from Robert Plant, that ensures we can continue to get fabric,” she said.

Within 48 hours of commencement, M.G. Sportswear’s Gofundme page had raised enough money to begin work. Now, the company are aiming to produce between 300 and 500 sets of scrubs per week, which will be donated to Kidderminster Hospital, St Richard’s Hospice, Russells Hall Hospital, and New Cross Hospital.

M.G. Sportswear has readjusted its initial £2,000 goal to £10,000 in response to the support received. However, Robert Plant has urged Brits to continue giving generously to the appeal.

“It would be great for (M.G. Sportswear) to get more support and funds ensuring they can carry on making what is needed,” he said.

The donate to M.G. Sportswear’s Gofundme page, please click here.