Puddle of Mudd's Nirvana cover has gone viral for all the wrong reasons

Puddle of Mudd‘s cover of Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl’ has shot to online infamy, after fans savaged the performance of frontman Wes Scantlin.

The ‘She Hates Me’ band recorded the cover for SiriusXM in January 2020, but it has achieved viral fame in the last week after YouTube users began to take digs at Scantlin’s bizarre vocal efforts.

Instead of putting his own spin on the track, Scantlin appears to imitate Kurt Cobain’s original vocals with decidedly mixed results. His voice is painfully strained throughout the performance – and frequently off key.

“This has to be a troll, otherwise someone capable of rational thought would’ve stepped in and stopped this abomination from ever hitting the internet,” wrote one YouTube user.

Another said: “When you think 2020 couldn’t get any worse… You find this exists.”

A third fan commented: “Lol this is the funniest Nirvana cover I’ve ever heard. I bet Kurt would’ve gotten a good laugh out of it.”

Over on Twitter, one fan mocked up a video of “Nirvana covering puddle of mudd covering Nirvana.”

Referencing the cover on their own Instagram, Puddle of Mudd wrote: “Rise above others who try and take you down… I’m at my BEST NOW… and that’s all that matters. I pray for all of you because we care. Jealousy is toxic, and toxic people are a waste of time. We walk away with nothing but a SMILE.”

They released their last album, 2019’s ‘Welcome To Galvania’, after a decade away from music.

Scantlin, who has been sober since 2017, was previously arrested for attempting to board a plane with a gun.

He was caught driving under the influence in July 2015, was arrested in December 2015 for drugs possession, and later detained by police officers in January 2016 after allegedly vandalising a house he used to own.