Peg Luke Creates Music For The Soul & Re Releases “The Lord’s Prayer”

Renowned composer and Grammy-nominated artist, Peg Luke’s latest release, “The Lord’s Prayer,” is a standalone reissue from her Psalm Space project. The inspiration for the piece came from her mother’s recitation of the prayer in the hospital during her final days, which left the musician in complete awe. In a recent interview, she explains that the message of Jesus’s prayer is timeless and stands alone, and she hopes that the piece can offer comfort and healing to those who may be experiencing grief and loss. 

Luke’s career has been dedicated to creating music that offers comfort, hope, and healing to listeners, and she sees it as a calling from God. Her approach to crafting powerful works involves staying true to what she is given and putting it down on paper. She believes that her music touches souls in need of love, healing, and forgiveness. 

Throughout her career, Peg has collaborated with several musicians on her projects, including orchestra members, choir members, soloists, producers, audio techs, and videographers. She approaches working with these artists by treating them as creators, with respect, kindness, and integrity for the process. 

Peg Luke’s music aims to provide her listeners with a sense of comfort, hope, and healing. Her most recent release, “The Lord’s Prayer,” conveys a timeless message of love and forgiveness, standing out as a powerful piece of work. In addition to the new single, fans can anticipate her forthcoming Christmas project, which will include both new and classic songs.

Listen to “The Lord’s Prayer” here: