My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero releases music video for 'Medicine Square Garden' | NME

My Chemical Romance member Frank Iero has shared the music video for ‘Medicine Square Garden’, a track taken from ‘Barriers’, the debut record from latest project The Future Violents.

The clip features footage of ’80s-style aerobics class mixed in with clips of the band performing, followed by a gruesome bloodbath carried out by none other than heavy metal aliens GWAR.

Watch the video for ‘Medicine Square Garden’ below:

‘Barriers’ was released back in May of 2019. The latest music video follows clips for ‘Young and Doomed’, ‘Basement Eyes’ and ‘Great Party’.

In a statement, Iero said ‘Medicine Square Garden’ was the most important track on ‘Barriers’, and that the album “didn’t stand a chance” without it.

“‘Medicine Square Garden’ pushed the most boundaries, scratched the most itches, and terrified me far beyond any other song I had written,” he said.

“I already had the video in my head. So armed with crudely drawn set designs and a typed-up description of a witchy callisthenics workout meets a Robert Palmer alien massacre, I submitted my pitch to the label. This was my vision from the beginning and no one told me I was crazy.”

The Future Violents’ debut record, ‘Barriers’ was released in May last year through UNFD. To celebrate the release of the music video, the label has also released a red vinyl variant of the record.

Earlier this month, Iero offered an online tutorial on how to play some of My Chemical Romance’s biggest hits on guitar.