Mimi Webb talks inspiration from British artists and plans to evolve her sound at Mad Cool 2023

Mimi Webb has reflected on the immense momentum she has gathered since sharing her debut single three years ago, and revealed that she is already planning on mixing things up in her upcoming projects. Watch our video interview in full above.

Before taking to the Ouigo stage on Thursday (July 6), for the opening night of Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival, Webb caught up with NME backstage to reflect on the response to her new album, ‘Amelia’.

“It’s been mad…also just to see the growth of the fanbase and how fans are now becoming even more supportive,” she began, reflecting on the time since the release earlier this year. “They know every lyric, it’s mad! It’s amazing how you see that growth in your fans.”


It comes as no surprise that Webb has been caught off-guard by the warm reception she has received. Since releasing her breakthrough single ‘Before I Go’ in 2020, she has already achieved more than most could dream of — including various hits on the charts, performing at the Platinum Jubilee and a Brit-Nomination for best new artist. However, when talking to NME, it soon becomes apparent that this is only the start, as she already has plans to take her career to the next level.

Mimi Webb performs at Mad Cool 2023
Mimi Webb performs at Mad Cool 2023. CREDIT: Javi García

“I’ve been in the studio actually a lot. That’s been my main thing that I’ve been doing the last like month or two months,” she revealed. “I’ve been absolutely loving it, just to be getting in and to figure out where I want to go next [and] experimenting and getting some new ideas.

“I think for me I’ve always had the really emotional songs or the really pop, fun songs. I’m trying to find that middle ground… that sweet spot.”

Although any further details on the upcoming music remain vague, Webb did admit that she would love to get some collaborations under her belt, and would particularly love to join forces with some of the British artists that inspired her.

“That is definitely a goal. I always said that I want to do a collaboration that feels right to the fans, with an artist that’s been part of my story,” she said. “For me, there’s so many incredible British artists that have that soulful, stunning vocal… I’d love to do something with Coldplay, that’d be amazing. But I’ve got so many — honestly, I’m so greedy!”


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