Marilyn Manson says he’s finished his "masterpiece" of a new album

Marilyn Manson has revealed that his new album is finished, calling the record a “masterpiece”.

The album will follow 2017’s ‘Heaven Upside Down’, which NME gave three stars.

Manson’s collaborator Shooter Jennings posted a photo of him posing next to a Rolling Stone magazine cover with the singer, writing: “Just waiting for this finished masterpiece to be released.”

In the comments for the post, Manson confirmed that the album was indeed done, and also used the “masterpiece” hashtag.

“Love my Shooter, Misty & Pancake,” he wrote, calling the project a “masterpiece album” and declaring that “shit is gonna get real”.

Marilyn Manson
Credit: Instagram/@marilynmanson

Back in February, Manson started cryptically teasing a new project, believed to be the new album, writing the Latin phrase “Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me…” on his Instagram page, which roughly translates to “All deaf and now you hear me.”

The post also included the hashtags #2020 and #youhavenoideawhatiscoming.

Last April, Manson said that his new album was nearly done, stating his initial desire to have it released before the end of 2019. He also says he’s toying with the idea of self-titling the album.

Reviewing 2017’s ‘Heaven Upside Down’, NME wrote: “For Manson fans this is familiar territory: the same mechanical riffs, same whisper/scream vocals heard on his regular stream of albums. Here, most songs are entertaining rather than groundbreaking.

“In recent years he’s successfully crossed over into acting with parts in Sons Of Anarchy and Salem. No surprise. He has, after all, had two decades’ practice playing the villain. He remains tremendously good at it.”