Louis Tomlinson reportedly donates £4000 to Manchester band Maruja after their gear was stolen

Louis Tomlinson has reportedly quietly donated £4000 to Manchester indie quartet Maruja after much of the band’s gear was stolen.

The band set up a GoFundMe page late last month, writing that £6000 worth of their equipment had been robbed from their van in Chorlton, South Manchester the previous day.

On September 7, the band shared a screenshot of Tomlinson’s sizeable donation on their Twitter page, thanking the pop singer. Along with 66 other donors, the band’s fundraising goal has since been met as a result.

In a video message posted the following day, the band thanked those who had donated to their cause, shouting out the former One Direction member in particular.

“It just shows that one act of people stealing our gear has spawned loads of acts of kindness, so that’s great to see,” they said, adding that the band are about to head back into the studio to record new music thanks to recouping their losses.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, drummer Jacob Hayes said the money would be used to replace their stolen instruments and get their van fixed. The band released a pair of jazz-influenced singles last year, ‘Tao’ and ‘Rage’.