Lo’renzo To’rez Dazzles The Audiences With His Wondrous Tracks “Closing The Door” and “Live Again”

o’renzo To’rez works magic in his two latest singles “Closing The Door” and “Live Again”. They are both dreamy and chill but at the same time possess incredible dynamics that bring the music to life. Even though these two tracks are about love and misfortune in relationships, the songs are nowhere near sad or tragic. They are charming, vibey mood-makers anyone can listen to and enjoy.

“I’m not the same anymore, who I am, I’m not sure,” goes the lyrics in “Live Again” and it is so relatable. Most situations in life present us with a chance to grow and learn something new about ourselves and a lot of times figuring out who we have become is not easy. Full of determination, “Closing The Door” sets a stop to a one-sided relationship in a beautiful way. The two songs have gathered well over 500K streams to date and counting! 

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