Kehlani Calls Out Music Industry Peers for Not Speaking Up About Gaza: ‘F— a Lot of Y’all’

As the crisis in Gaza continues to escalate in violence, Kehlani has taken to Instagram to call out their peers for not speaking up.

In a clip posted Monday, the “Distraction” singer shared contempt for her “highly f—ing platformed” peers in the music industry for not speaking out about the Israel-Hamas war. “And you can’t stop for a second and recognize that … nothing we do has a f—ing purpose without people and you can’t turn the f— around and reach back for people? You can’t speak? Disgusting,” she says in the clip.

Kehlani noted that they lost “any ounce of f—ing respect” for those who have not spoken up. “This is going to be in history books. … This is going to be something that is referenced for the rest of f—ing forever.”

“F— a lot of y’all too,” Kehlani concluded.

In the caption, the star expanded on their thoughts. “I don’t got it no more I just don’t I tried hella ways to cope & it doesn’t exist and that’s okay, nobody should know how to cope right now,” she wrote. “I tried to drop some music & get my mind back right, my focus back & the rage is just EXTREMELY prevalent. this sh– is f—ing me up BEEN f—ing me up it should be f—ing a lot of yall up but apparently it’s not???? what’s good yall??? we don’t sell out shows without A CROWD FULL OF PEOPLE. the songs don’t chart without PEOPLE. the trends don’t trend without PEOPLE. you don’t draw a line at beheaded babies or people burnt alive after 7 months of plenty of other atrocities ? idc about the roll out the formula the strategy the algorithm at this point i’m begging U TO BE PEOPLE. BE A F—IN HUMAN BEING.”

Kehlani’s post comes just a day after Israel launched a missile attack on Rafah, hitting an encampment of displaced Palestinians in the Tal As-Sultan, an area that Israel had reportedly set as a “safe zone.” The attack killed dozens of people and wounded at least 249 — many of whom were civilians, including women and children. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the civilians were “unintentionally” hit.

The attack took place soon after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to stop its Rafah military offensive. Israel’s ongoing attack on the Gaza Strip has killed more than 35,000 people since October, Reuters reports. The Gaza Health Ministry said on May 24 that more than 80,200 Palestinians have been injured in the offensive.

The Israel-Hamas war began Oct. 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, killing an estimated 1,200 people and taking more than 250 as hostages. According to The Associated Press, about half of the hostages have been freed.

Watch Kehlani’s full message below.