K-pop group FIFTY FIFTY file to suspend contracts with agency Attrakt

All four members of K-pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY have filed a lawsuit against their agency Attrakt to suspend their exclusive contracts.

On June 28, South Korean law firm BARUN released a statement on behalf of the girl group, announcing that they had filed to suspend their exclusive contracts with entertainment agency Attrakt due to its violation of contract terms.

“The four members filed an application for provisional disposition suspending the validity of their exclusive contracts to the Seoul Central District Court on June 19, and the trial is currently underway,” said BARUN, per eDaily and translated by Soompi. “This is due to the fact that Attrakt violated contract terms and took actions that resulted in the destruction of a relationship based on trust.”


The firm also alleged that Attrakt had been “discrediting” the members of FIFTY FIFTY through its continuous media statements in recent days. These include claims that external forces had tried to get the group to break their contracts, as well as disclosing details of member Aran’s health and recent surgery without consulting her.

“The members raised issues about various circumstances in which Attrakt did not fulfill contractual obligations, such as non-transparent settlement and the unilateral attempt to enforce [scheduled activities] despite [the members] conveying their poor health conditions,” continued the firm.

“We would like to make it clear that this is an independent decision by the four members in unison without any intervention of a third party,” they added. “At least going forward, we request that Attrakt does not defame the FIFTY FIFTY members anymore.”

Earlier today, Attrakt announced that it had filed a criminal complaint against its former co-CEO Ahn Sung-Il. Per Korea JoongAng Daily, it claimed that Ahn’s company The Givers had deleted company data and taken ownership of the copyright for FIFTY FIFTY’s hit single ‘Cupid’ without the agency’s knowledge. Ahn is noatbly is one of the co-producers of the track, credited as SIAHN.

“The Givers delayed the handover of its data [to Attrakt], deleted the company mail account and other data regarding the project [for FIFTY FIFTY], which is business obstruction, damaging the company’s digital records, fraud and malpractice in the workplace,” Attrakt had said in its statement.

In the days prior to the announcement, Attrakt had also released several statements claiming that an external third party had been attempting to poach members of the group, revealing on Monday (June 26) that it had been referring to Warner Music Korea and demanding an explanation from the label. Warner Music Korea denied the claims in a statement later that day.