Former Misfits singer Michale Graves could be a witness in Capitol riot case

Ex-Misfits singer Michale Graves could be a witness in a case about the Capitol riots earlier this year, according to reports.

On the day of the riots, which took place on January 6, Graves was in Washington to play a private concert after being asked to do so by the Proud Boys, a far-right group he joined last year.

Supporters of Donald Trump took to Capitol Hill on January 6 to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory in Congress, which resulted in the complex being locked down and nearby office buildings having to be evacuated. Five people, including a police officer, died in the riots.

Graves, whose real name is Michael Emanuel, told Reuters that he didn’t think the Proud Boys were capable of planning an invasion on Washington, as alleged by prosecutors.

He said: “These guys have a hard time getting an order together for McDonalds,” when speaking about the Proud Boys.

Pro-Trump supporters storm the US Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. Credit: Samuel Corum/Getty Images.

Lawyers representing Ethan “Rufio” Nordean, a prominent figure of Proud Boys who has been charged with conspiracy, said they had planned on holding a “carefree music party” on January 6 – an event that would have included Graves.

Defence lawyers argued that the “party” was scheduled for when the riot occurred, something they claim contradicted claims the group had plans to “topple the government”  on the same day.

They also argue that over 1500 messages exchanged by members of the group – all of which have been collected by the FBI as evidence – also “cast doubt on the existence of a conspiracy,” as reported in Reuters.

Prosecutors at a hearing scheduled for today (April 1) are set to request Nordean be detained pending trial.

The story of the US Capitol riots is set to be the subject of a new limited series on Showtime.

The show comes from Billy Ray and Shane Salerno, creators of Showtime series The Comey Rule, which starred Brendan Gleeson and told the story of FBI director James Comey’s experience of serving under former president Donald Trump (played by Gleeson).

Ray is also set to write and direct the new limited series, while Salerno will serve as executive producer. No release date has yet been set. The show is set to explore the different viewpoints on the attack, the days leading up to it and the aftermath of the incident.