Drake has bought Tupac’s ring at auction for $1million

Drake has worn an iconic ring belonging to Tupac Shakur at auction for $1million (£780,000).

The ring, featuring gold, diamond, and ruby, was worn during the late rapper’s final public appearance in 1996.

It was put up for auction by Sotheby’s as part of a sale relating to the 50th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop, and was expected to fetch around $200,000.


Drake ended up paying five times that to secure the item, which you can see here.

The ring was designed by Tupac himself and worn to his last public performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 1996.

See Drake’s Instagram Story confirming the purchase below.

This week, Drake also teased a new album ‘For All The Dogs’ and confirmed that the forthcoming LP will arrive “in like two weeks”.

At the rapper’s latest ‘It’s All a Blur Tour’ show in New York City’s Madison Square Garden this week (July 26), Drake shared a new update with the crowd about his upcoming album.


“Make new friends. If you drink, drink some liquor. If you smoke, smoke some weed. And if you like somebody, like my dad says, keep fucking,” he told the crowd.

He continued: “I will be back soon. I have an album dropping for you in, like, two weeks or some shit. But until then, just know, you’re always with me and I’m always thinking of you. Everything I do is for you. Every time I step in that booth, I hope I make you proud.”

Last month, the rapper announced ‘For All The Dogs’ hours after he released his poetry book Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream of Consciousness.