Busted and Neck Deep team up on ‘Meet You There 2.0’

Busted and Neck Deep have collaborated on a revamped and reimagined version of the former’s track ‘Meet You There’.

‘Meet You There 2.0’ turns Busted’s 2003 ballad into a pop-rock anthem. The track, originally featured on their second album ‘A Present for Everyone’, features heavy drums, fuzzy guitars and Neck Deep frontman Ben Barlow.

“This is one of the tracks we are most excited about releasing, as we have recorded an entirely new arrangement of the song,” shared Busted’s Charlie Simpson. “The original was an acoustic ballad and this new version is a balls-out rock explosion!”


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He added: “We are also so happy to have done this with Neck Deep. Ben [Barlow] sounds awesome on it and what is extra special is he told me this was one of his fave Busted songs when he was growing up.”

Barlow shared: “It’s kind of a full-circle moment for myself and Seb (Neck Deep’s bassist) especially. When we were like eight and 10 years old my big sister took us to see Busted in Manchester Arena, and that was the first show we ever went to.

“Fast forward 20 years and I’m featuring on my favourite song of theirs! Wild. The re-work of the song is really cool too, and we had a blast making it. Busted have been really cool the whole way and I’m stoked to re-live the experience that eight-year-old me had back then,” he continued.

The reworked version of the song comes after the release of the reimagined track ‘Loser Kid’ featuring Simple Plan. These songs are a celebration of Busted’s 20th anniversary in which they will be unveiling 15 songs from their back catalogue.


In other news, Busted recently added extra dates to their 2023 UK reunion tour. The trio are set to hit the road in September to mark their 20th anniversary. They will play a special greatest hits set at arenas across the country, including The O2 in London.