Stream Envision’s Tough, Passionate New Album The Gods That Built Tomorrow

The sound of sincere, passionate heart-on-sleeve ’90s hardcore isn’t terribly fashionable right now, but there are at least a few bands who still use that style to rip their souls open: One Step Closer, Broken Vow, Magnitude, a few others. Florida’s Envision definitely belong on that list. Envision, whose members are not shy about their straight-edge and vegan perspectives, have just come out with their sophomore LP, and it rules.

Envision’s new album follows their 2019 debut In Desperation… The band came out with a three-song promo last year, and both of its originals, “Sacred Heart” and “Advent,” are both on the new LP. The whole album is hard and metallic but also wounded and emotional and sometimes even melodic. There’s just a whole lot of feeling in it, and it makes me feel good. Check it out below.

The Gods That Built Tomorrow is out now on From Within Records.