Black Sabbath's founding drummer Bill Ward says he's discussed making a new album with management

Black Sabbath‘s founding drummer Bill Ward has once again expressed interest in making another album with the band.

In a recent interview with Metro, Ward not only shared his ambition to make another record with Black Sabbath – who retired as a whole in 2017 – but he’s also floated the idea with the band’s management.

“My biggest contention has been ‘let’s make another album’. Nothing live necessarily, because I’m looking at what I can realistically do,” the 73-year-old drummer said.

“The way I play the drums, it’s becoming tougher as I get older. I haven’t spoken to the guys about it, but I have talked to a couple of people in management about the possibility of making a recording. Which I can do safely, even with COVID around. I can lay tracks at my studio in Los Angeles. I’m very open-minded about doing something like that.”

According to Metro, other members Ozzy Osbourne and Tommy Iommi have also recently voiced wishes for a reunion, with the publication specifically referencing the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham – the band’s hometown.

Ward hasn’t been a part of Black Sabbath since 2012, but he’s been expressing interest to reunite the band’s original lineup from as recently as March this year.

“I’m not done with the Black Sabbath legacy,” Ward told SiriusXM. “I haven’t been done. I was made done, but I’m not done. So, the others might be done, but I’m not.

Back in 2019, Ozzy Osbourne admitted that he wishes Black Sabbath could have finished their recent farewell tour with Ward.

“I didn’t like the fact that Bill Ward wasn’t there, for a start,” Osbourne said. “People put that down to me, but it wasn’t me, honestly. We didn’t have the fucking time to hang around, we had to get going, but I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Bill.”