Artist behind 50 Cent murals now targeting Snoop Dogg | NME

Lushsux, the Australian artist behind the viral 50 Cent mural mashups has now moved on to a new target – Snoop Dogg.

The artist, who recently claimed he was attacked over his 50 Cent murals, first teased fans over his new painting subject with a series of photos yesterday (May 22), sharing two mashup samples of Snoop Dogg’s face over Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

See it below:

“i think its time to paint snoopy dog dog too, i see him lurk 50’s posts, which one?” reads a caption in the Instagram post.

The artist then followed up with an actualised mural of what appears to be Snoop Dogg’s face atop Barack Obama’s body.

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would u vote for him? @snoopdogg

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The photo immediately attracted the attention of the West Coast rapper, who reposted the image on his own Instagram page.

“@50cent is this the same artist that be Fuccn wit u,” wrote Snoop Dogg alongside a shrug emoji.

“nothing but respect for my president,” replied Lushsux in the comments section.

Over the past few weeks, Lushsux has been combining 50 Cent’s face with the likes of Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Post Malone and Tekashi 6ix9ine, which he claims he was attacked over.

However, the artist did not blame “mr cent for getting jumped”.

“I blame violent video games. We gotta ban that shit already,” he wrote.