Aphex Twin to stream a 2019 live show with interactive visuals tonight

Aphex Twin is set to stream a live show from last year with added interactive visuals tonight (April 11).

The dance icon’s gig at Manchester’s Mayfield Depot last September, held as part of the Warehouse Project, will be replayed in full at 6pm BST this evening.

The new stream continues a flurry of activity from Richard D. James in the coronavirus lockdown period. Yesterday (April 10), Aphex shared six new tracks to the user18081971 Soundcloud account widely believed to be owned by James.

The latest song on the list of uploads, ‘qu 1’, saw James attach a message dedicated to his late father. “See you on the other side, dad,” it reads.

Aphex’s Manchester show last September was one of two rare UK dates. The DJ also played at London’s Printworks.

Reviewing the latter show in the capital, NME called the spectacle “still one of the greatest electronic shows on earth”.

“In many ways Aphex Twin has nailed the flexible work-life balance for a heritage live act looking to keep on the employment wagon. Having cultivated his own limited, non-traditional tour cycle, rarely attached to a specific new music release (although they have been a more frequent occurrence in recent years too), with Richard D James every show feels like a rare event that demands extra attention and reverence.”

Last week Aphex Twin warned of a “police state” amid the coronavirus crisis in a message where he also mourned the loss of his father.

“Huge heartfelt condolences to anyone grieving right now, I lost my father recently and it’s been really tough, it was not related to C19 [COVID-19],” he wrote in the note. “When police carry out wishes from government, without any law being in place, you are living in a police state and it is no longer a democracy.

“When you are held under house arrest, when no crime has been committed, you are living in a police state and it is no longer a democracy. You didn’t think this could happen did you? Do you know what rights you could lose next, can you guess? You have been warned.”