Drew Carey Can’t Stop Raving About Phish at The Sphere, Says it Made U2 Look “Like a Bar Band”

Drew Carey has definitely been a bit hyperbolic about how much he loved Phish’s recent residency at The Sphere in Las Vegas. Now, he’s gone so far as to say that the Phish show was so glorious that it made U2 — who previously performed at The Sphere — look “like a bar band.”

Appearing on SiriusXM’s Phish Radio, Carey discussed both Phish’s and U2’s performances at the new billion-dollar Las Vegas venue. The comedian and The Price is Right host described himself as a casual U2 fan and eventually caught a performance at The Sphere, deeming it to be astonishing. “It blew my mind how great it was,” he said. “I told all my friends and The Price Is Right audience how great it was… I went the next two weekends in a row.”

However, despite loving U2’s residency, he recalls being staggered by Phish’s performance almost immediately: “Then, three songs into Thursday night with Phish at the Sphere, I honestly was kinda mad. I wanted to call U2 and get my money back. It made them look like a bar band.”


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He elaborated, saying that while U2’s performance was excellent, Phish’s was a better utilization of The Sphere’s capabilities. “Nothing against U2, it was a great show,” Carey explained. “I think Phish took full advantage of the audio and the video in that place and what could possibly be done. Now my mind is spinning about things I want to see at the Sphere.”

Drew Carey previously raved about Phish’s residency, saying that he would “Stick his dick in a blender” to see the band again. Phish, in response, actually sent Carey a signed blender that read, “Thank you Drew! See you next time, happy blending!” Phish have concluded their residency at The Sphere, but if you’re itching to hear the music that made Drew Carey “meet God,” you can get tickets for the band’s upcoming tour dates here.

Up next to perform at The Sphere are Dead & Company — and if Drew Carey is just as astonished by that band, who knows what he’ll compare it to (You can get tickets to Dead & Company’s upcoming residency here).