Virgil Abloh Being Called Out On Twitter For Meager $50 Donation To BLM Movement

Virgil Abloh, artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection and CEO of the trendy label Off-White, as well as DJ, is currently being flamed on Twitter for his $50 donation to a protesters’ bail fund.

The issue of how much celebrities and the wealthy should donate has been an issue for years, most recently with the Australian wildfires and the COVID-19 relief funds, but even causing discussions back when parts of the Notre Dame burned down and billionaires were strangely quick to offer up tens of thousands.

However, as Twitter user @dieworkwear points out, “people should donate whatever they want, but man … virgil abloh really just donated 11% of one off-white belt.”

An Off-White branded binder clip ($100 USD) costs more than what Abloh donated in the screenshot making rounds, to put it in perspective.

Others quickly chimed in to point out that he was matching donations and encouraging others to match his own, it wasn’t just that he decided out of the blue to only donate $50. Still, in response to those people, others have still shown anger at his silence surrounding the protest movement and lack of more donations, or at least lack of proof.


Photo courtesy of Coachella