The Chainsmokers Go Full Tech Entrepreneurs During Quarantine

The Chainsmokers have remained uncharacteristically quiet over quarantine, busy working on new music — but there’s another major venture demanding their attention as well.

According to reports, the duo is investing in blockchain and crypto startups. As co-founders of Mantis VC, along with Milan Koch, Drew Taggart and Adam Pall have their focus set on bridging the gap between blockchain and other industries, including entertainment. They’re already landed a deal with Bitcoin startup Casa and are working with many others.

Some areas of interest for Mantis VC include “digital rights management (DRM), micropayments, the pairing of gaming and blockchain, and the use of blockchain tech in emerging markets.” Really, the possibilities are endless and as the highest-paid DJs in dance music, The Chainsmokers hope to bring their unique experience to the table.

The three Mantis VC co-founders recently appeared during CoinDesk’s Consensus: Distributed for a panel discussion: “We’ve always been interested in the disruption of businesses,” said Pall said.

“There’s a huge opportunity for us to find companies that we can invest in,” Koch added. “We want to drive portfolio synergies by investing into loosely-connected sectors.”

More on The Chainsmokers’ investments here.


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