Showtek Drop Catchy New Single “Feeling”

Showtek are back with a sensational new dance floor anthem, “Feeling.” An incredible fusion of old school piano house with modern synths and drop. “Feeling” is an instant classic in Showtek’s discography. The drop is just as memorable as “We Like to Party” or “Booyah” and it also has a more modern aesthetic. “Feeling” also tracks with Showtek’s history of vibrant and uplifting vocals. Above all else, it’s just great to hear Showtek going back to their melodic roots.

The track opens up with the emotive house vocal, the piano eventually comes in to perfectly accentuate the vocal. Finally, the payoff comes and we get the big synths leading into a huge buildup. The synths become the drop and the whole song comes together on the first drop. Featuring vocals from longtime Showtek collaborator Sonny Wilson, “Feeling” is sure to go down as a staple in any Showtek set.

Check out the latest from Showtek, “Feeling” featuring Sonny Wilson, out now on Skink.