Sadbois Makes Impressive Debut On Flux Pavilion’s Circus Records – “Lonely Nights” with MashBit & UNDY

When it comes to bass music, Flux Pavilion’s Circus Records is one of the best labels around, consistently releasing compelling tracks from today’s biggest headliners as well as breakthrough stars.

The latest release comes from Sadbois, working with MashBit & UNDY, who make their debut with their emo/alt/punk and melodic bass infused single, “Lonely Nights”. For fans of Illenium, MitiS, and Nurko, “Lonely Nights,” consumes the listener in an emotional escapade where dramatic melodic bass aligns with captivating, squeaky-clean vocals. The songwriting and arrangement are equally impressive, amplifying the intricate sound design to showcase just how talented these guys are.

“When we started on this track, we wanted to create something that felt like a true summer anthem, a track that pulls you into the moment and lets you forget about all the trials and tribulations in life, that still would highlight our rocktronic style. When UNDY sent back her idea for what the vocals would sound like, the track was able to blossom around her incredible delivery. Together with MashBit we have created something that we are truly proud of and are so happy to share with our fans.”Sadbois

Listen below!