Rukes Reminds Us Of When Justin Bieber Threatened To Kill Deadmau5

Ah, 2011… a simpler time. Porter Robinson was joining Tiësto on his college invasion tour, Deadmau5 and Skrillex were still buds, and Justin Bieber was a young lad at just 17 years old. But even back then, the mau5’s ire ran deep on social media, and he had a particular distaste for the Canadian pop star.

Yesterday, back in 2011, acclaimed photographer Rukes was on tour with Deadmau5 when they decided to hit up a nearby Skrillex gig in Australia. Somehow coincidentally, Bieber’s photographer was also in the area and showed up at the show, and handed mau5 a signed photograph complete with the message, “deadmou5 [sic] i will kill you!”

Deadmau5 talked about the encounter in a podcast with H3 back in 2018.