RAVENSCOON Reveals Third Ep Installment: Mind

Hot on the heels of HEART, RAVENSCOON has now revealed the next pivotal chapter of his debut album, PERIPHERY, titled MIND.

The 18-track opus, PERIPHERY, uniquely fragments into four thematic EPs: BODY, HEART, MIND, and SOUL, each resonating deeply with RAVENSCOON’s multifaceted musical ethos.

MIND EP offers a potent concoction of cerebral soundscapes and impeccable sonic detailing. Included in this release are tracks such as “Soundboy”, “Vantablack” in collaboration with Deadcrow, and the energizing “ACID” produced alongside Emurse and featuring Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Cinematic visualizers, a result of RAVENSCOON’s collaboration with renowned cinematographer Magela Crosignani, accompanies the tracks in a incredible fashion, adding even more depth to this stunning collection.

As the “PERIPHERY” era unravels, RAVENSCOON remains resolute in broadening his musical horizons, captivating the steadfast WAKAAN fan base and making inroads with trap enthusiasts and ambient music connoisseurs.

Check it out for yourself below!