~Pourri Invites You to ‘Get Funky. Stay Fresh.’ at SXSW 2024

This March, ROLLING STONE is joining forces with ~Pourri, From the Makers of Poo~Pourri for the ultimate SXSW takeover in Austin, TX. Throughout SXSW’s nearly forty year run, the city has seen its fair share of eclectic, out-of-pocket and memorable experiences. However, festival-goers have yet to witness an experience quite as breathtaking as this one!

Known for their iconic products, ~Pourri transforms life’s stinkiest moments by turning them into something magically fresh, without the funky ingredients or stigmas. With this mission in mind, ~Pourri invites SXSW guests to “Get Funky. Stay Fresh.” at one of their many activations scattered around Texas’ largest party destination of the year. The week will be chock-full of unique events and pop-ups, featuring interactive experiences, intimate performances, and even giant inflatable poo! Yes, you heard that right…

These events are open to the public, SXSW badge receive priority entrance. Guests must obtain a limited-edition NFC-enabled Poo~Pourri pocket sprayer, which will be available at any of the ~Pourri events and activations, including SXSW Registrant Lounge. The tap-enabled Poo~Pourri pocket sprayer will serve as your all access pass to ~Pourri x Rolling Stone events. By utilizing revolutionary “Tap”-enabled technology, guests will flow through a frictionless experience by simply tapping their phones to the exclusive Poo~Pourri pocket sprayer and entering a gamified world created to surprise and delight, expand upon the typical SXSW experience and be rewarded along the way.

The celebration kicks-off on Wednesday, March 13 at 12:00 p.m., with four straight days of ~Pourri’s Camp Funk entertainment. Relive the days when you had no cares in the world and experience nostalgic sights and smells, with this 90s-themed oasis of fun. Tucked into the heart of Austin’s SXSW excitement, take a load off (literally), at ~Pourri’s 5-star VIP bathroom experience. Free gifts, samples and acoustic performances will be present at the activation, so guests can kick back and enjoy the music with friends.

Not to mention, Camp Funk will feature Pourri’s famous Giant Poo. The Giant Poo, which is a 30 ft x 30 ft inflatable, provides an immersive experience, designed to relax and let sh!t go. Boasting 360-degree video projection mapping, the Giant Poo will serve as a calming safe-haven for guests to relax and release any mental constipation they may have, leaving them light and limber to enjoy the remainder of SXSW festivities. Camp Funk will be taking over the parking lot at 5th Street and Trinity, one block away from the Austin Convention Center, and will run daily from 12:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m.

The party continues on Thursday, March 14 at 2:30 p.m., with an exclusive SXSW panel and Q&A, Amplify Creativity & Innovation in the Workplace, co-hosted by Suzy Batiz, CEO and Founder of ~Pourri, and Rania Batrice, Partner at The Win Company. Joined by Christina Schelling, SVP Chief Talent & Diversity Officer at Verizon, the panel will offer a transformative re-alignment of personal leadership and innovation. The chat will focus on how to amplify one’s individual light, joy and inspiration to create meaningful and impactful business. Furthermore, it will provide helpful tools on how to incorporate mindfulness into the workplace, inspiring creativity and innovation.

The aforementioned panel, and remainder of SXSW events will take place at Speakeasy, one of Austin’s most celebrated venues for over 24 years. Speakeasy is located at 412 Congress Ave. D, Austin, TX 78701, in the heart of Downtown Austin, making it the perfect centralized location for all the SXSW fun.

Suzy Batiz once again takes the mic for unfiltered conversations, co-hosted with her musician husband, Preacher (aka Keite Young), during an extra-special live edition of their upcoming HOLY SHIT w/Suzy! podcast, on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16. Taking place at Speakeasy’s Terrace59 rooftop, the podcast will cover a wide range of topics, from personal growth, creativity and business insights to navigating the unexpected twists and turns of life. Additionally, the podcast will feature a variety of celebrity guest voices, who will discuss their creative journeys, and have an opportunity to share their individual ‘holy sh!t’ moments with a live audience.

On Friday and Saturday, ~Pourri and Rolling Stone will facilitate the funk and their one-of-a-kind Funk Factory experience, where visitors will enjoy delightful aromas, interactive zones, VIP areas, and more. Starting at 5 p.m., guests will be invited to join us for the funkiest nights of their lives! On top of that, Rolling Stone and the ~Pourri team have curated a hand-crafted slate of DJs and musical performances by artists such as DJ Johnny Jane aka Janelle Monáe, DJ Questlove, MonoNeon, Danielle Ponder, Preacher (aka Keite Young), Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears, Dos Negros, BLK ODYSSY, Soul in the Horn feat. Natasha Diggs & DJ L3ni, Matinée Social Club feat. Sean Doe, and RC Williams Jam Session feat. Durand Bernarr, Kam Franklin & friends.

However, big names are not the only artists on display this year. Rolling Stone and ~Pourri are proud to present Future of Funk, also taking place at Speakeasy. In collaboration with Music Forward Foundation, a national nonprofit in the Live Nation family, the showcase will act as a place to discover and spotlight budding talent. Future of Funk is dedicated to uplifting underrepresented and diverse voices within the music scene, so guests will have the opportunity to hear an incredible lineup of emerging artists, such as Zach Person, Montana Sands, Jimi Brass, Jada Amina, and more.

Rolling Stone and ~Pourri’s collaboration is an exciting one that will bring people from all walks of life into their spaces to celebrate music and culture. SXSW has always been a place to make dreams come true and get funky with friends, so this collaboration between Rolling Stone and ~Pourri is a perfect fit for this year’s party in Austin, TX.

Don’t miss this super-stacked week of fun, which is shaping up to be one of the most exciting experiences within the SXSW circuit. These events are open to the public and SXSW badge holders, but make sure you pick up an exclusive Poo~Pourri pocket sprayer, then RSVP and check out the schedule HERE!

Learn more about ~Pourri’s events and activations during SXSW on their website and be sure to follow along on social media @poopourri to be the first to know about exclusive surprises!