Our Reigning Pop/EDM King KANDY Is THRIVING During Quarantine & Here's Why [INTERVIEW] | Your EDM

As the reigning king of pop/EDM, KANDY has found his sweet spot with radio-friendly music made for the club… But, with all the venues shut down, where does this leave KANDY?

Don’t worry, he’s still thriving!

We caught up with the producer/DJ to talk all things quarantine, his creative process, self love and more. From his new collaboration with NERVO to his opinion on live streams to finding inspiration — it’s all in there.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, KANDY recognizes the importance of an ally voice within the dance music scene. KANDY believes “it’s important to show others that anything is possible and to be the best, most authentic YOU, that you can be.”

Despite everything that’s going on, this artist’s dazzling, positive attitude shines through — and we can all learn something from the KANDY of the world. That’s singular, not plural, because there’s only one.

Read on, listen to his latest, and link up with KANDY below.

First up, how’s your quarantine been going so far? How have you been keeping busy?

It’s honestly been going really well! I’ve always loved my time at home so nothing has really been a big change! I’ve just been tapping into different creative outlets that I wouldn’t normally have the time to tap into!

Last show/festival you played before this all went down? 

The last show I played before all of this was at EOS in Santa Barbara! It was such a blast & we definitely went out with a bang.

It seems the dance music industry (and the music industry in general) just hit the reset button on everything… What do you think this means for our community, the artists, and the fans, moving forward?

I just think it’s an amazing opportunity for artists to try new things. I’ve really been enjoying watching everyone try out new creative outlets via social media. Everyone has been so creative from home! I also think it’s smart to use this time to make new music so were all ready to unload once this is all over!

What’s it like being the reigning king of pop/EDM? (May sound cheesy, but really — what’s it like to be KANDY?)

It’s so crazy because I still feel like me. I try my best to not pay attention to what’s “hot” in the EDM world because it can sway you away from what YOU enjoy. I’ve always said it’s so important to stick to being you & thats exactly what I’ve been doing!

Do you separate who you are on stage vs. real life or are you one in the same?

You can ask anyone and they’ll tell you I’m the same person. I want people to like me for me an not some fake personality people put on. I do like my quiet/personal time though just like anyone else. 🙂

Playing a set IRL vs. live stream?

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a live stream type of person. I find it weird talking to a camera vs. real life human interaction. Plus, nothing can match the adrenaline rush you get when you’re put in front of thousands of people!

Please tell us about your recent collaboration with NERVO! We love it!

“Supermodel” was such a fun experience to make. I’ve been a fan of NERVO since i started raving in 2011. So, to have a collaboration with them now has been a full 360 for me. I’m happy i can call them friends.

When you start a project, what comes first? (Spark of an idea, beat, lyrics, etc.?)

I’m a huge sucker for the creative direction part of music. I usually like to come up with a full on concept before I do anything to really paint the picture of the song I’m about to write. Once I have that in mind I start writing the song!

Tips for staying inspired/creative when stuck at home?

Just like I said before, find what you love and try out something new. You never know what you’ll be drawn to if you don’t try it out for yourself.

Any self care/self love advice? How to be comfortable and confident in your own skin?

Just stop caring about what people think. That’s the main thing. For so long i tried to put on this persona to fit people’s perception of me & realized that was not making me happy. If people don’t like you for you they don’t deserve to be in your life to begin with.

What are you most looking forward to once the stay at home order is over?

Honestly, going out for a night of partying at a proper club in NYC and of course getting back up on stage.

Does KANDY have a mantra?

Let your freak flag fly!


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